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Guild Message of the Day - May 22nd
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Rocket Surgery News

By: Lprime - April 7th


By: Lprime - March 23rd

Heroic Chogal dead. 12/13

Only 1 more boss kill before I afk out

  • Aelvin: Why is pask so bad at logging?
  • Anshlun: He didn't logged again? Jesus
  • Spiritgemmed: You all make me hard
  • Paskgotsheal: i miss u qtpie
By: Lprime - March 6th

Heroic V&T Dead

I was gona use keirs band camp pictures...

  • Vivos: Druids and shamans dont got wings
  • Colbikaze: QQ
By: Lprime - March 3rd

US First H Nef

What now?

  • Aelvin: We the best
  • Keiranthil: awwww shit embedded video ftw
  • Righteoustar: wish I was online for that.
  • Karnadas: We're efamous!
  • Anshlun: It is all about Karn doing the hard work for the raid!
  • Karnadas: We're even more efamous! :P
  • Nimrax: Points for Killing Aum?
  • Aelvin: That was nim who tunderstormed Aum.
  • Aelvin: Whoops didn't see you posted that, nim ;P
  • Paskgotsheal: "Aelvin: It won' be US first"
  • Karnadas: Me: So scared of screwing up P3
By: Spiritgemmed - February 28th

Possible Recruitment for a 3rd Raid Group

Ask someone for more info if you're interested.

  • Vivos: Rocket Surgery. 25man guild?
  • Eliv: Hahahaha, no.
  • Anshlun: 25s 4 life
By: Lprime - February 13th

Are we being serious now?

What now?

  • Righteoustar: Wooooooow
  • Karnadas:
  • Aelvin: wtf?
  • Dryken: Karn carries screenshots!
By: Lprime - February 10th

Heroic Magmaw dead. Drugs are still bad for you. 7/12 H

Another kill without a good screenshot... Maybe I should steal one...

By: Lprime - February 9th

Recruiting Hunter, Holy Paladin

So I loged in this morning just to be assaulted by pask for mixing Grand Daddy Purple with OG Kush. I tried to explain that this mixup happen inside the crusher, but he kept raging at me. So I am going casual, along with colbi. Recruitment is open!

By: Lprime - February 3rd

Heroic Atraasshole down. No cheating required.

Patched as we were using the Alpha strat.

  • Jaeriko: This is Legit as hell.
By: Lprime - February 2nd

Heroic Omnitron Down. Country Rap Incoming.

We didn't have a screenshot, so I had to steal one...

  • Karnadas: And steal one, you did!

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